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Meet The Pritchard Family

The family have farmed in St Margaret's for 4 generations (so far!) and The Fold has been built on the family farm. With all the local banks, trees, and streams... the land is better suited for sheep grazing, childish adventures and walks with the dogs. Matthew used to love playing on the land as a child, and the family have many happy memories playing in the brooks and rolling down the hill. 

For the last 20 years Matthew has been a builder, and has worked on a variety of challenging projects including ancient churches and modern buildings. Through the Covid-19 lockdown, the 18 acres of land became his solace. He began rediscovering the hidden nooks and dingles dotted along the streams that crisscross the site, and appreciating just how lucky he was to have this beautiful site. Feeling inspired, he came up with the plan to create secluded and unique cabins which provide comfort and space for a luxurious get away - while also being as environmentally-friendly as possible. Matthew has built on his experience in the construction industry to create the exceptional spaces at The Fold. 

Wildlife and The Environment 

The land is a registered Local Wildlife Reserve and is full of wildlife. There are a wide range of birds including owls, woodpeckers, and a regular visiting heron. In the surrounding fields the family keep sheep, and lambs in the spring. Matthew has 4 bee hives in the corner of the site too! 

The water on-site is supplied from boreholes, and the site is powered by solar panels. The family have planted over 400 trees onsite so far, and planted over 2,000 bulbs for traditional bluebells, snow drops and daffodils. The family have made plans to plant an area of the farm with wildflower. 

Beekeeping at The Fold Hereford
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